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"Evan guided us through the process of updating our wills, creating medical powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, and medical directives. He made it simple and easy, explaining each step carefully, and did it all at a very reasonable cost."
Ms. Michelle B. Griggs

I have dedicated my law practice to serving others. Whether you need help with an employment dispute, estate planning to give yourself and loved ones security, or other civil dispute I want to be the lawyer to help you.

Why choose me?

I have a client-centered practice. I make house calls for qualified clients and respond promptly to communications. I take time to work with clients, to understand their needs, and collaborate to find the best strategy to achieve possible goals. I maintain candor, speaking plainly and ensuring clients understand their case, timelines, and expectations. And should a client face adversity, I remain a persistent and consistent promoter of my clients’ interests.


A. Estate Planning

I have represented clients in estate planning matters for years as well. I have helped families with special needs children plan for that child’s future. I have gone to the hospital and consulted with clients and their families about the law in the most difficult of times. And, I have represented LGBT couples and addressed needs that are specific to that community.

Estate planning needs vary from client to client, I enjoy crafting a plan with clients to achieve possible goals and give peace of mind. For more information, go to my estate planning landing page.

B. Employment Law

I have practiced employment law for years. I have represented employees against Fortune 500 companies such as Southwest Airlines and Wal-Mart. I have battled against the Federal Government in EEO and MSPB matters, the State of Texas, and cities and school districts.

I have represented employees making minimum wage and those earning six-figures. I have represented a wide range of people from those with disabilities, to those whose employers did not pay them, and just about everything in between. For more information, go to my employment law landing page.

C. Civil Litigation

I have represented clients in both Federal and state court. These matters ranged from breach of contract claims, family law issues, deceptive trade practice claims, and of course, employment claims. I strategize with clients and advise them on their case and their options.


Evan B. Lange, Attorney at Law