Burial Instructions - Estate Planning

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In Texas, you may designate an individual to be responsible for your remains - your "agent." Additionally, you may give specific instructions to your agent with regard to your final wishes.

What can I designate happens to my body

You may direct your agent to bury your body, cremate your body, donate it to science, or other options so long as they do not violate public policy and/or regulations.


  • Designate your ashes to be scattered in a specific place;
  • Designate your body to be burried in a specific plot; or
  • Designate your body be entombed in a mausoleum;

Do I have to designate an agent?

No. Although it is part of the estate planning package, you do not have to designate an agent. Without designating an agent, the law appoints an agent once you have passed. That individual will be responsible for ensuring your body is handled according to state law.

However, if you have a preference about what happens to your body after you pass, then it can eliminate a lot of guess work for relatives and loved ones as they prepare for a funeral.