Estate Planning Package & Services

The following documents are offered as part of the flat-fee package. Please note, the flat-fee service often adequately addresses most individual's and couples' estate planning needs. If deviations from the flat-fee package occur, such work does not qualify for flat-fee.

Flat-Fee Package Includes:

  1. Last Will and TestamentA Last Will and Testament controls the property you own at the time of passing. Only "simple" wills qualify for the flat-fee service. Click here to see a "simple" will defined.

  2. Durable Power of Attorney This document allows you to designate someone to handle financial decisions in the event of short-term incapacity.

  3. Medical Power of Attorney This document allows you to designate someone to handle medical decisions in the event of short-term incapacity.

  4. HIPAA ReleaseThis document allows you to approve individuals to receive information about your health condition.

  5. Living Will / Physicians DirectiveThis document allows you to designate whether you wish to physicians take extraordinary life-saving efforts.

  6. Declaration of a GuardianThis document appoints an individual to take care of a person and his/her finances in the event of long-term disability.

  7. Burial InstructionsThis document designates one's final wishes, whether its interrment, cremation, or otherwise.

How it works:

Most of the estate planning service occurs over the telephone and/or internet. A final in-person meeting occurs when time comes to sign the documents.

To have a simple will, you must:

  1. Provide only a general gift of all your property to:
    • Your spouse (if living), or to your children in equal parts; or
    • Less than five heirs in stated percentages
  2. Not require trusts, other than a contingent trust, or other sophisticated estate planning techniques;
  3. Not have a taxable estate, meaning each individual has less than $11.18 million in assets.

  4. Be a resident of the State of Texas.


Simple Will: Defined