Age Discrimination

As an age discrimination lawyer at Evan Lange Law, PLLC, I represent employees who experience discrimination because of their age. If you believe your employer discriminated against you because of your age, please contact me

What is Age Discrimination?

Age discrimination takes on many forms, for example:

  • Employers may fire or demote older workers to hire younger workers who just graduated college;
  • Employers firing an entire group of older workers which create an unfair impact on older workers as a whole;
  • Employers with preconceived ideas about older workers’ abilities to use new technologies

What laws protect age discrimination?

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) and Texas Labor Code protect workers over the age of 40. These laws apply to most governmental and private employers.

The following, among others, are illegal actions an employer might take against a worker because s/he is over the age of 40:

  • Termination;
  • Demotion;
  • Reduction in hours; or
  • Failure to promote

If you think you have experienced one of these actions because of your age, contact me.

How do I know what age discrimination looks like?

Discrimination is essentially a “thought crime.” Rarely do employers come right out and say that a worker’s age motivates their decisions. Some common age discrimination indications are:

  • Statements like, “you’re not a good fit,” “the company is moving in a new direction,” or “we are trying to bring on new talent;”
  • Asking your age when applying for a job;
  • Posting a job with an age requirement or age limit;
  • A reduction in force or layoff that targets older workers;
  • A layoff that does not disclose the positions considered for layoffs, the ages of people being laid off, and the ages of those who were not laid off.

I think I've been discriminated against, what next?

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